Natural Nail Treatments

All manicures and pedicures include nail shaping, cuticle detail, nail buffing, massage with hot rock, and polish. All implements are sterilized and run through an autoclave between customers.

Peridot Classic Manicure ($25+)

Peridot Classic Pedicure ($35+)

Peridot Classic Mani/Pedi combo ($60+)

Peridot Manicure Shellac ($35+)

Peridot Pedicure Shellac ($40+)

Peridot Mani/Pedi Combo Shellac ($80+)


Dull and dry skin? Try our Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure. In addition to the standard procedures of our classics, your legs and feet or hands and arms will be lathered with an exfoliating mud mask, followed by wrapping hot towels around your hands and feet to revive and hydrate your skin so it looks and feels younger.

Deluxe Manicure ($35+)
Deluxe Pedicure ($55+)
Deluxe Mani/Pedi combo ($90+)

Just for Guys: Designed specifically for men, this custom treatment moisturizes and invigorates while leaving skin hydrated and looking well-groomed and refreshed. Includes a natural buff, cutting of the nails, cuticle trimming, massage with hot rock, and a lotion application.

Sporty Mani ($25+)
Sporty Pedi ($30+)

Ages 5-12: A mini version of our classics. Due to their young age, we do not cut their cuticles unless it is absolutely necessary.

Diamond Manicure ($15)
Diamond Pedicure ($20)
Diamond Mani/Pedi combo ($25)
Add flower or design ($3-5 each)

Nail Treatments

Acrylic Fill  with Regular Polish  ($30+)

Acrylic Full Set with Regular Polish ($40+)

Shellac Fill ($35+)

Shellac – Full Set ($50+)

Pink & White – Back Fill ($45 and up)

Pink & White – Full Set ($55 and up)

Full Set – Foil ($60+)

Dip Manicure ($55+)

Dip French Tips ($55+)

Dip Powder Change ($45+)

Dip French Tips with Manicure ($55+)

Dip Powder – Ombre ($60+)

Full Set – Dip Power ($50+)

Additional Services

Additional 10 minutes of Massage – can be added on to any service  for $10

Other Add-ons
Add French ($5)

Polish Change hand ($10) and toes ($15) regular color
French Polish hand ($15) and toes ($20)
Acrylic Removal ($15 and up)
Removal & Manicure ($30)
Removal & New Set with regular polish ($35 and up)
Designs per Nail ($5+)
Designs, All Nails ($10 + varies with design)

Waxing Services

At Peridot, we offer a full range of facial and body waxing. We are proud to use the highest quality wax. Clients taking medications such as Retin-A, Accutane, Tazorac cream, any oral cycline medications, Metro Gel,  Gel, or any skin thinning medications may not be waxed due to skin sensitivity. Please inform your aesthetician if you are taking any medications.


Lip ($7)
Eye Brows ($10)
Chin ($10)
Brows & Lip or Chin ($18)
Lip, Brow & Chin ($28)
Forehead ($10)
Sideburns ($10)
Face ($35)

Upper Body:

Underarm ($15)
Arm ($22)
Back ($45)
Shoulder ($22)
Chest ($25)

Lower Body:

Bikini ($26)
Brazilian (bare all) ($62)
Lower legs ($30)
Upper legs ($37)
Full legs ($58)
Lower leg & bikini ($48)
Upper leg & bikini ($58)
Full leg & bikini ($78)


See your Packages page for a menu of our Packages and Parties.

Note:  Our prices are subject to change. To confirm our current prices, please ask when booking or “checking in” for services.

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