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Treat yourself to a little relaxation @ Peridot!

Our newest pedicure chairs take luxurious relaxation to a new level. These soft chairs will fit your body like a glove and help melt away the tension as you soak your tired tootsies in the warm foot bath below.

Need a massage? No problem! These deluxe chairs come equipped with a handy remote to adjust the intensity of your neck and back massage, so you can relax in style. Use our convenient side trays to set your purse or magazine down and enjoy a nice, relaxing cup of tea.

You don’t want to miss these chairs! Stop in so on and try one out yourself….you deserve it!

Valentine’s Day is Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

Instead of flowers or chocolates this Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart a treat he or she can really use – a manicure or pedicure from Peridot Nail Salon. To make it easy for you, we are offering the following Valentine specials:

peridot valentine

peridot valentine 2









All seasons  are a busy time for birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers and weddings! The next time you celebrate a special event, make the most of it with a little pampering from Peridot Nail Salon at Kent Station.

Book a party for 7 or more and a member of your group will receive a FREE manicure or pedicure gift certification from us! Call 253-854-2547 now to take advantage of this special offer.


Shellac Chrome & Full Set Chrome

Manicure Mood Changing Gel – $30.00 

Full-set Mood Changing Gel – $45.00

Shellac Nail Polish Only – $20.00

Shellac Nail Polish with Manicure – $30.00

Shellac Nail Polish with Pedicure – $35.00

Classic Pedicure – $22


Open 7 days a week – Appointments and Walk-ins are welcome.

Whether it’s just the two of you or a group of friends and family, come to Peridot Nail Salon to celebrate your special occasion. For a baby shower, bridal shower, birthday, graduation, new job celebration, graduation, Girls’ Night Out or a casual get-together, Peridot Nail Salon will pamper you in style…so sit back, relax and enjoy!

Celebrate with a beautiful manicure or pedicure while enjoying refreshments.  Advanced notice is required to ensure that we reserve time just for you. To reserve your private celebration or party package, please call Peridot Nail Salon at 253-854-2547 to book a party for 7 or more and a member of your group will receive a FREE manicure or pedicure gift certification from us! Call 253-854-2547 now to take advantage of this special offer.

Parties are ideal for:

  • Bridal parties
  • Girls’ night out
  • Going away parties
  • Celebrations – new job, college acceptance, baby-on-the-way!
  • Graduations
  • …even Dads!



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Natural Nail Treatments

All manicures and pedicures include nail shaping, cuticle detail, nail buffing, massage and polish. All implements are sterilized and run through an autoclave between customers.

Peridot Classic Manicure ($16)

Peridot Classic Pedicure ($25)

Peridot Classic Mani/Pedi combo ($38)

Peridot Manicure Shellac ($30)

Peridot Pedicure Shellac ($35)

Peridot Mani/Pedi Combo Shellac ($60)

Peridot Shellac Chrome and Mood Changing

Dull and dry skin? Try our Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure. In addition to the standard procedures of our classics, your legs and feet or hands and arms will be lathered with an exfoliating mud mask, followed by wrapping hot towels around your hands and feet to revive and hydrate your skin so it looks and feels younger.

Deluxe Manicure ($26)
Deluxe Pedicure ($35)
Deluxe Mani/Pedi combo ($58)

Ages 5-12: A mini version of our classics. Due to their young age, we do not cut their cuticles unless it is absolutely necessary.

Diamond Manicure ($10)
Diamond Pedicure ($15)
Diamond Mani/Pedi combo ($23)
Add flower or design ($3-5 each)

Nail Treatments

Acrylic Fill ($19)
Acrylic Full Set ($29)
Gel Fill ($28)
Gel Full Set ($45)
Pink & White – Solar Fill ($30)
Pink & White – Solar Full Set ($45)
Gel over Pink & White ($5)
Silk Wrap Fill ($30)
Silk Wrap Full Set ($50)

Additional Services

Additional 10 minutes of Massage – can be added onto any service  for $10

Other Add-ons
Paraffin Wax (hands or feet) ($5)

Add French ($5)
Add Buffing Cream ($5)
Polish Change ($8)
French Polish ($10)
Acrylic Removal ($15)
Removal & Manicure ($25)
Removal & New Set ($34)
Designs per Nail ($5)
Designs, All Nails ($8 – 15)

Waxing Services

At Peridot, we offer a full range of facial and body waxing. We are proud to use the highest quality wax. Clients taking medications such as Retin-A, Accutane, Tazorac cream, any oral cycline medications, Metro Gel, Diffren Gel or any skin thinning medications may not be waxed due to skin sensitivity. Please inform your aesthetician if you are taking any medications.


Lip ($8)
Brows ($12)
Chin ($10)
Brows & Lip or Chin ($18)
Lip, Brow & Chin ($28)
Forehead ($10)
Sideburns ($10)
Face ($35)

Upper Body:

Underarm ($15)
Arm ($22)
Back ($45)
Shoulder ($22)
Chest ($25)

Lower Body:

Bikini ($26)
Brazilian (bare all) ($62)
Lower legs ($30)
Upper legs ($37)
Full legs ($58)
Lower leg & bikini ($48)
Upper leg & bikini ($58)
Full leg & bikini ($78)


See your Packages page for a menu of our Packages and Parties.

Note:  Our prices are subject to change. To confirm our current prices, please ask when booking or “checking in” for services.



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